Used globally for more than 40 years, BELBIN Team Roles can predict with up to 90% accuracy whether a team will succeed or fail. By harnessing the power and simplicity of BELBIN, teams improve efficiency, communication, synergy, and balance.

Backed by 10 years of extensive research and 30 years of successful implementation, Belbin is used exclusively by thousands of organizations around the world.

A Team Role is a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way.

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Typically, most people have two or three Team Roles that they are most comfortable with and prefer; a few others that they can manage to cover if they need to; and finally the rest that they prefer not to adopt at all.

The nine Team Roles are detailed below.

Remember that the only accurate way to identify your Team Role preferences is by generating your personalized Belbin Report.



Tend to be highly creative and good at solving problems in unconventional ways

Strengths: Creative, imaginative, free-thinking, generates ideas and solves difficult problems.

Allowable weaknesses: Might ignore incidentals, and may be too preoccupied to communicate effectively.

Don’t be surprised to find that: They could be unorthodox or forgetful

Monitor Evaluator

Provides a logical eye, making impartial judgements where required and weighs up the team’s options in a dispassionate way

Strengths: Sober, strategic and discerning.  Sees all options and judges accurately

Allowable weaknesses: Sometimes lacks the drive and ability to inspire others and can be overly critical

Don’t be surprised to find that: They could be overly critical and slow to come to decisions


Brings in-depth knowledge of a key area to the team

Strengths: Single-minded, self-starting and dedicated.  They provide specialist knowledge and skills

Allowable weaknesses: Can only contribute on a narrow front and tends to dwell on the technicalities

Don’t be surprised to find that: They may have a tendency to focus only on their subject of choice



Provide the necessary drive to ensure that the team keep moving and do not lose focus or momentum

Strengths: Challenging, dynamic, thrives on pressure.  Has the drive and courage to overcome obstacles

Allowable weaknesses: Can be prone to provocation, and may sometimes offend people’s feelings

Don’t be surprised to find that: They could risk becoming aggressive and bad-humoured in their attempts to get things done


Needed to plan a workable strategy and carry it out as efficiently as possible

Strengths: Practical, reliable, efficient.  Turns ideas into actions and organises work that needs to be done

Allowable weaknesses: Can be a bit inflexible and slow to respond to new possibilities

Don’t be surprised to find that: They might be slow to relinquish their plans in favour of positive changes

Completer Finisher

Most effectively used at the end of tasks to polish and scrutinise the work for errors, subjecting it to the highest standards of quality control

Strengths: Painstaking, conscientious, anxious. Searches out errors. Polishes and perfects

Allowable weaknesses: Can be inclined to worry unduly, and reluctant to delegate

Don’t be surprised to find that: They could be accused of taking their perfectionism to extremes


Team Worker

Help the team to gel, using their versatility to identify the work required and complete it on behalf of the team.

Strengths: Co-operative, perceptive and diplomatic.  Listens and averts friction

Allowable weaknesses: Can be indecisive in crunch situations and tends to avoid confrontation

Don’t be surprised to find that: They might be hesitant to make unpopular decisions 

Resource Investigator

They provide inside knowledge on the opposition and made sure that the team’s idea will carry to the outside world

Strengths: Outgoing, enthusiastic.  Explores opportunities and develops contacts

Allowable weaknesses: Might be over-optimistic, and can lose interest once the initial enthusiasm has passed

Don’t be surprised to find that: They might forget to follow up on a lead


Needed to focus on the team’s objectives, draw out team members and delegate work appropriately

Strengths: Mature, confident, identifies talent. Clarifies goals. Delegates effectively

Allowable weaknesses: Can be seen as manipulative and might offload their own share of the work

Don’t be surprised to find that: They might over-delegate, leaving themselves little work to do