Global Women and Community Empowerment

Current research indicates that gender diversity helps companies to perform better, ensuring the use of women’s talents, skills, and energies. In fact, a 2011 Harvard Review study revealed that 78% of top managers were women.

This of course raises an important question: why do women make up just 17% of all government leaders globally, 16% of all C-level managers and boardroom members, and 20% of non-profit leadership?

CWC “Empowerment Trainings and Workshops” are designed to empower women in underserved communities to break the glass ceiling – for personal development, career advancement, and to enhance organizational effectiveness.

Transformational Leadership Development

Success comes from developing the habits required to effectively manage your most important assets, including time and relationships. Fostering this success, in today’s competitive global environment, requires Transformational Leadership.

Transformational leaders have an improved capacity to influence others and make a positive impact in the work environment and the community. And individuals benefit as well as they develop key transformational leadership traits and attributes – gaining greater awareness of their true identity, expanding their personal potential, and becoming more transformational in their leadership style. All of which leads to leaving a legacy of leadership success for generations to come.

CWC “Transformational Leadership Trainings and Workshops” are designed to provide managers and executives a unique opportunity to gain self awareness to meet today’s challenges in a diverse and demanding world.

Questions include:
How do I see myself?
Am I ready to live more authentically?
Where do I see myself in the future?
How will I get there?
Who am I here to serve?
On whose behalf am I doing this?

A discussion of these questions leads to greater personal insight and allows for attendees to examine behaviors that might be holding then back from acquiring the skills needed to thrive.