1-Day Training

This workshop offers an integrated perspective on the African Woman in Leadership.

In addition to child-rearing, assuming high-level positions in religious organizations, and strengthening bonds between communities, a new narrative is being written for the African woman. She is poised to take her rightful place in business, government, and civil society to:

  • Influence others’ attitudes and behaviors to achieve a common vision
  • Help others to adopt a global perspective or mindset
  • Promote intercultural competency and behavioral adaptability
  • Develop cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence

The narrative of the modern African woman, which includes African women in Diaspora, includes leveraging her considerable skills – not only in marketing and in the boardroom – but also to empower others to excel as entrepreneurs for media, fashion, entertainment, sports, dance and other art forms. The African woman is the economic lifeline to her youth and community. Her narrative teaches them to make new opportunities, find self, and become their own ambassadors.

Value Proposition

This workshop is valuable for African women who are ready to come to the global roundtable to provide fresh, new thinking about how progress can and must be made. And…a willingness to help the global world to see Africa as colorful, vibrant, positive, and full of opportunity and possibilities.

Benefits Include:
  • Increased capacity to influence others and make a profound impact both at work and in the community at large
  • Inspired to “think big” to become a leader, life-long learner, and leave a legacy of lasting change
  • Opportunity for constructive dialogue about innovation – for their company, youth, and community