I am Me: Unleashing Your Authentic Self

You are created unique from every other person on this planet. At this moment, you are ready to step forward and claim your place in this company and in the world. You are ready to meet and release the real you; the person whose dreams have been deferred until now. Many of our dreams were doused by caring people and circumstances from our family, church and community of origin. The good news is that those dreams were not extinguished, only smothered. The greatest challenge to living authentically is traveling the ‘5 lanes’ of your uniqueness: Spiritual, Relational, Professional, Physical, and Financial.

Living Authentically means:
  • Knowing truly who you are and the gifts/values you bring to your family, the company and the world
  • Inspired to live the integrity that places the company and family’s good before self-serving goals, yet understanding the difference between self-serving and self-care
  • Ability to empower others to live their best life and step into their authenticity
  • Belief in own capabilities and ability to meet authority with heart and passion
  • Ability to use intellect to step forward as a whole and complete spiritual, relational, professional, physical/mental, and financial person – assuring the presence of a healthy and balanced participant at work, home, and the community.
Value Proposition

This workshop is valuable for any person desiring to develop personally in the areas of authenticity, discipline, attitude, and activities that will enhance opportunities for vertical promotions in the company – thus providing unique value to the collective mindset of the company to ensure a more innovative, productive and successful company.

Benefits Include:
  • Balance and harmony to all areas of life for Optimized Personal Performance
  • Tools to activate the belief that one is already powerful, extraordinary and great
  • Inspired to be the best and bring out the best in those within the sphere of influence
  • Ability to turn the possible into actuality by overcoming the cultural trance of Fear
  • Tools to create neuropaths to take control and create a more balanced peaceful and harmonious life – Spiritually, Relational, Professional, Physical and Financial
  • Tools for Disciplined practices for company optimization and self-promotions