1-Day Training

This Strategic Education Training will encourage women to be bold, push and thrive in unfamiliar situations, test ideas, and push boundaries to become more assertive and innovative! Most importantly, this training will transform the way women see themselves and their place in this interconnected world.

Empowering women not only fosters personal growth, it is good business. Current research indicates that gender diversity helps companies to perform better, ensuring the use of women’s talents, skills, and energies. Women excel at “nurturing competencies” such as developing others, building relationships, exhibiting integrity, and engaging in self-development. However, there is still an opportunity gap that has women on the outside looking in. A 2011 Harvard Review study found that:

  • More than 75% of top managers are men
  • Women make up less than 20% of persons in the science and technology
  • Women are 3-times less likely to take risks or challenge themselves

Empowering women requires intentional actions – to enforce new practices and policies to promote women’s rights, ensuring that the women of Africa receive the rights they deserve without discrimination.

Value Proposition

This workshop is valuable for all aspiring women who want to:

  • develop personally in the areas of human rights
  • achieve personal career development and advancement
  • enhance opportunities for making an innovative and revolutionizing impact
  • achieving vertical promotions in their businesses
Benefits Include:
  • Inspiration to reject doubts and develop deep confidence in one’s abilities
  • Greater ability for women to “step into their own authenticity”
  • Sense of empowerment to positively influence youth and communities to actualize their greatest potential
  • Inspiration to Think, Speak, and Act like Leaders!
  • Challenge women to take risks and become innovative trailblazers and mentors for youth and local communities