The Power of You and Your Potential

2-Day Training

Empowerment begins with authentically knowing yourself.

Upon understanding your core values and potentialities, skills for success will be built, and awareness of your significance is broadened. One is empowered to become the leader who influences fellow co-workers, the company, community and the world for the higher good of all. Knowledge of self reveals one’s true identity and expands personal potential. In this training, attendees will discover innate skill sets and passions, and how to optimize their unique talents.

Value Proposition

This workshop is valuable for employees who want to develop to their fullest potential by developing the habits required to effectively manage their most important assets including: attitude, discipline, time, money, and relationships – as well as the mindset to enhance their opportunities for vertical promotions in the company and improve their quality of life.

Benefits Include:
  • Ability to envision their future and identify the behaviors that may be holding them back
  • Opportunity to acquire the skills needed to reach their fullest potentiality
  • Increased capacity to influence others and make an impact at work and in the community at large
  • Challenged to “think big” and “make their mark at work and in the community”
  • Inspired and equipped to become a leader, life-long learner, and leave a legacy of lasting change
  • Enhanced understanding of leadership roles for improved Leadership Ability