Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is the systematic process of transforming a good leader into a Corporate Warrior.

The Corporate Warrior Executive Coach:
  • Provides initial intake with the client to understand the client’s needs and expectations.
  • Assists the client to achieve clarity on a personal mission.
  • Supports the client in designing an actionable and achievable future that is aligned with the organization’s mission.
  • Collaborates to develop a Personalized Action Plan: This starts with 360 assessments to gather feedback from the client’s boss, peers, subordinates, customers, and other stakeholders. The feedback is shared with the client, helping the client to uncover strengths (both known and hidden), developmental opportunities, and potential blind spots.
The Executive Coaching client receives the following benefits, all in a confidential environment:
  • Development of leadership skills (time management, critical thinking, conflict resolution, communication, decision making)
  • Increased self-awareness, work fulfillment, job satisfaction, and life satisfaction
  • Team member growth, enhanced organizational effectiveness
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty