Organizational Effectiveness

Organizational effectiveness is defined as an organization’s ability to achieve its goals. Corporate Warrior facilitates goal attainment by doing a comprehensive assessment to see if the following organizational effectiveness characteristics are present:

  • Clearly-defined goals
  • Structure related to goals
  • Constant scanning of the environment and appropriate adaptation
  • Consistent, clear procedures that evolve purposefully
  • Exercise of power in a manner that recognizes mutual influence
  • Flexible, participative decision-making
  • Information openness
  • Initiative in external relations
  • Well-defined concept of social responsibility
  • Meaningful, varied work with learning opportunities
  • Commitment to personal growth (planned skills development)
  • Mutual trust, respect, and support
  • Accurate and timely performance feedback
  • Just and equitable rewards

Often, companies experience problems when there is an absence of some of these performance-enhancing characteristics that positively impact the corporate bottom line. Corporate Warrior asks the key questions that help to tease out the problems that negatively impact system-wide performance. Once causation of problems is established, a customized organizational effectiveness plan is formulated and implemented to enhance business results.