Designing Dynamic Organizations for Optimal Results

Leaders have very few levers of change in an organization. The three key levers are setting the organization’s mission, vision, and strategy, choosing the players on the executive team, and designing the organization. While all three levers are equally important, organization design is often given the least attention.

In this 2-day training participants be equipped with tools and techniques to design a dynamic organization that achieves optimal results. The organization’s design defines the structure, processes, metrics and reward systems, and people practices that will ensure that individual and organizational energy is focused on those activities that support the achievement of the strategy.

Specifically, in this interactive workshop participants will learn the following key concepts:

  • Organizational effectiveness framework
  • Organizational culture and its characteristics
  • Fundamentals of strategic planning and execution
  • Designing an organization’s structure
  • Building processes and lateral capabilities
  • Defining and rewarding success
  • People practices
  • Fundamentals of change management

This training is ideal for leaders, advisors, or consultants who lead or support a business, a non-profit, or a government agency and want to design an organization that is agile and adaptable to the changing environmental landscape while achieving the organization’s strategy.

The key outcomes participants can expect by implementing the concepts include:

  • Greater customer and employee satisfaction
  • Improved quality, revenue, sales, and profit
  • Alignment of the organization’s structure, processes, rewards, and people
    practices with the strategy
  • Clear roles and responsibilities for organizational members
  • Improved collaboration and coordination among organizational members
  • Improved communication and flow of information
  • An energized and engaged workforce