Harnessing the Power of Progressive Education
to Optimize Organizational Effectiveness

An organization’s environment has a direct impact on productivity and employee retention, thus affecting the bottom-line. Like classrooms, these “work” environments, both physical and cultural, can effect the success and failure of both the individual and the organization. Exploring the intersection of Progressive Education and the 21st Century workplace, participants will gain insight into what can be learned from Progressive Education to gain the competitive advantage. Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, founders came from progressive classrooms. Work environments that are connected, collaborative, innovative and student/worker centered may enjoy more success and less attrition.

Value Proposition

This workshop is valuable for all levels of leaders who desire to gain the insight to create a connected physical and cultural environment, understand and maximize the productivity of the people within it, and play an active role in fostering relationships and guiding the vision of a connected, collaborative and innovative organization.


  • Physical and Cultural
  • Respect cultivates respect
  • Flexibility: Freedom with Responsibility
  • Encourage active participation in guiding the vision
  • Responsive to developmental needs: Social/Emotional/Cognitive


  • Understanding Self
  • Understanding Others: Respecting and Celebrating Diversity: Cultural and Cognitive
  • Life Long Learning: Encourage active participation in professional growth


  • Individual and Collective
  • Communication
  • Support natural desire for motivation and success