Leadership Development Program: Cultivating Adaptive Leaders
in an Age of Change

Leadership development is the systematic process of educating, facilitating and inspiring a good leader to becoming a great leader. Once this culture of growth-mindset and continued transformation takes shape, ordinary organizational players become aware of their value and responsibility for leading.

“There are leaders and those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power or influence. Those who lead inspire us.“

Simon Sinek

Leaders and aspiring leaders must be self-aware to inspire others to want to follow them. “Know thyself” first, so that we can better understand others. What makes a good leader today? What can I implement immediately to move the dial?

Participants will review historical perspectives and explore Transformational Leadership competencies through multiple interactive activities that can have an immediate and lasting impact to enhance individual leader-ship, team cohesion and organizational effectiveness. More importantly, they can become “Adaptive Leaders in an Age of Change.”

The Leadership Development Program offers both a custom and off-the shelf Targeted Training series suitable for executive level to entry level participants.

7 Competencies of Transformational Leadership:

  • Inspire through Vision
  • Inspire through Communication
  • Inspire through Modeling
  • Inspire through Intellectual Stimulation
  • Inspire through Consideration

Activities Include:

  • Learning Styles Inventory
  • Multiple Intelligences Inventory
  • Personal Values Inventory
  • BELBIN Team Roles

Benefits for participants:

  • Improved self-awareness
  • Enhanced confidence and trust in self and others
  • Improved communication
  • Increased personal and team effectiveness
  • Greater appreciation for diversity