Leveraging Your Mind, Brain, and Body for Elite Business Results

CEOs and business leaders consistently affirm that an organization is only as good as its people – which is why high-level employee performance leads to attainment of company goals and objectives.

However, organizational development challenges such as incremental growth, lackluster sales revenue, chronic stress, strained workforce interactions, and work-life balance issues can reduce employee effectiveness and the corporate bottom-line.

Now, solutions to individual barriers and systemic problems can be implemented by tapping the latest research in the interrelated fields of Mental Training, Mind-Body Fitness, and Neuroscience. This highly interactive and engaging workshop provides education and easy-to-apply tools, techniques, and strategies to gain the “mental and physical edge” to maximize results.

Value to Members

This workshop is valuable for employees and decision-makers who are interested in an integrated approach to gain the competitive advantage to enhance business performance.

Members will learn to:

  • Identify the underlying traits and characteristics of peak performers
  • Enhance mental preparation
  • Promote internal self-confidence
  • Learn focusing strategies to be more productive and efficient
  • Maintain calm and composure under pressure and time constraints
  • Leverage the Stress-Energy-Cognition-Performance relationship
  • Execute “brain-based” strategies for optimal decision-making and idea generation