Mental Training to Enhance Sales Performance

Often, the lifeblood of companies is sales revenue. Members of a sales team must know their brand, industry, demographics, and have effective communicate skills – to build rapport with potential clients to generate interest in their products/ideas and get the ink on the paper.

However, there can be mental and emotional barriers to effective sales performance. Such barriers include: self-doubt, lack of trust in their  knowledge and training, elevated anxiety, and having negative performance expectations.

In this training, mental skills education, tools and techniques will be provided to perform in a “peak performance mindset” to gain the competitive advantage.

Value Proposition

This training is valuable for sales personnel who want to promote their “mental game” to be at their best during interactions with potential clients.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • Greater trust in your preparation
  • Emotional calm and control
  • Improved interpersonal engagements
  • Sales revenue increases