Strength Deployment Inventory

The SDI® (Strength Deployment Inventory®) is a valid and reliable tool for managing conflict and improving relationships. It is based on the theory of Relationship Awareness® — a learning model for identifying and understanding the motivation behind behavior. It measures how frequently participants are motivated by a concern for People, Performance, and Process.

The SDI is really 2 assessments in 1. Participants answer two sets of items to calculate the relative frequency of different motivations when things are going well and when faced with conflict.

Identify motives behind behavior – SDI is a suite of assessments for effectively and accurately understanding the motives that color our perceptions and drive our behavior.

Spot and prevent conflict – When faced with conflict, SDI reveals how people experience changes in their motivation predictably and sequentially in three stages.

Transform relationships – SDI is a practical methodology for empowering people to better understand the actions of others and create more effective personal and professional relationships.

Benefits of the SDI:

  • SDI reveals the “why” – It’s a snapshot of who we are—our personal system of motives that influence everything we see, feel, say and do.
  • SDI is intended for application – It’s an effective way to seamlessly integrate relationship and conflict management skills into nearly any training and leadership program.
  • SDI honors our differences – It’s an inventory of the unique way we value different strengths and interpret the actions of others.
  • SDI is memorable – It’s an experiential tool creating a common language for relationships and promoting common sense concepts in a highly visual manner.
  • SDI depersonalizes conflict – It’s a non-threatening method for dealing with the interpersonal conflict that is too often avoided.
  • SDI builds a picture of relationships – The graphical charting method allows work teams or other relationship groups to view each others’ results simultaneously.