Testimonials – Adaptive Leadership

February, 2018 at Jacksonville, FL

The concepts I will take back with me are to sharpen my Emotional Intelligence skills (EI), and to stay adaptive through the leadership skills.
Good visuals and breakout sessions. Well informed presenter.
Caused me to reflect on my own leadership method and make changes.
I am going to think about the “WHY” concept more as I believe it is key to go from good to great.
Really enjoyed the class. The instructor was very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and a great presenter.

July 25-26 at Jacksonville, FL

This class is a much needed boost to stagnant concepts of old leadership processes.
I will look at my employees to see the best ways they learn and the type of leadership that suits them best for performance.
I have already told peers and management they should take this course.
Outstanding facilitator! Seth was very knowledgable and perceptive!
All of this course opened my eyes to better or alternative methods of leadership to improve my team’s performance.

May 24-25 at China Lake, CA

The examples and exercises pertaining to divergent thinking were great. The “training at the threshold of failure” model was very relevant to us. The quote on pg. 15 (workbook) will be helpful for me personally as I encourage the workforce to gain knowledge (continuous learning) and then apply their unique skills to strengthen the organization.
I will apply these models and teach my team the concepts and models.
I enjoyed the class - the individual exercises were interesting to me - provided an opportunity to do things on my own. Then reap the benefits of the team’s ideas - very interesting!
I would recommend this. Valuable tools to help teams adapt and communicate better.
I think this would be great for new Team Leads and new supervisors.
Thank you, great class - we/NAVAIR need more of this training.

May 11-12 at Charleston, SC

Extremely insightful regarding need for adaptability at Leadership level. Found content to be relevant, timely, and different approach to concepts.
This training helps me to evaluate myself and be a better leader: self-identifying my mgt. style, assessing my leadership traits, and learning from others.
Great presentation, good content, very useful.
Belbin was awesome - def applicability with respective competencies and organization. Definitely want to look at Peak Performance and Team Engagement as future deliverables.
The science of learning styles added yet another layer of perspective to balancing diversity and the conflicts that result from our differences.
Excellent instructors, very knowledgable, and professional.