Testimonials – Peak Performance

JULY 30 – AUGUST 1, 2019 – PAX RIVER, MD

Superb job conveying your message; I definitely will be acting upon my taskers immediately. Looking forward to this becoming a requirement for ALL!
The CEPP tool resonated w/me the most since I will be using it w/my subordinates. I didn’t know much about this class when I signed up, but definitely helped me to recognize what my behaviors are and how I can improve them.
Mr. Kaplan did an awesome job! He was well-prepared with knowledge, experience and examples.
I plan on taking the information and setting step by step goals to improve my work performance and personal wellness.
I will be presenting the CEPP chart as a reference not only DAILY, but also amongst my Supervisor at our next Performance Review.
There is a reason that I perform the way I do. Now I know why and the science behind it.

JUNE 11-13, 2019 – PAX RIVER, MD

This class helped me to understand the strong power of the mind on our bodies. The tools and techniques on breathing/relaxation response, moving along the agility continuum, and staying in the green zone will help me to develop a good relationship w/my anxiety.
The 3-day class provides invaluable Personal AND Professional tools not taught in most grade school/college curriculums.
This was an amazing course that I plan to share and recommend to my co-workers as it was recommenced to me by my supervisor.
I most definitely plan to use what I’ve learned to enhance workforce performance and personal wellness. For me, taking more time to be self-reflecting over events, etc, and really focusing on self-care and managing my stress.
I plan to make adjustments to my workplace environment and reduce stress. I plan to use this class to be more process focused for personal goals.
Awesome course. Couldn’t have come at a better time in my life w/career/life.

MARCH 26-28, 2019 – PAX RIVER, MD

I plan to apply all aspects of the training both personally and professionally. There is a direct correlation of practicing the toolset with performance to ultimately have an impact on readiness and speed to fleet, but also have a positive effect on personal lives with family and friends. I have already implemented and started practicing what I have learned with my family and have seen positive results.
There were multiple tools I will use such as the 3 steps before a brief (anxiety perception, rhythmic breathing, confidence building). The 3 C’s will remind me to be confident, composed, and in control. I will use Powerful Self Talk, focus, and relaxation tools.
I believe this is a good class for ALL employees. New as well as mid-career or older. Helps to re-evaluate work-life balance as it tends to be skewed in this environment.
The peak performance tools and mental wellness pieces are key aspects to thrive at home and at work. A nice balance to our technical skills and development.
There are a few transformational courses that I have been through since I started at NAVAIR 15 years ago, and this is one of those courses. This course has the ability to positively impact lives.
I want my entire team to take this training. I would tell them that applying the skills taught in this class will enhance their stress management and improve their personal and professional lives. Seth makes the science very relatable and provides a path from analytical to practical.
I want my entire staff to take the course together to not only learn about the content, but to learn about each other and learn how to work through issues to have a high-performing team. I think this course should be a requirement/mandatory for the supervisory development to learn about the introspection and have positive outcomes throughout the organization.
I rarely attend a course where I consider the value of the training meets or exceeds the value of my time spent doing my job. These three days of training were the BEST investment of my time this week. I consider what I learned in this class to be a game changer for my personal and professional life. Learning how to move along the mental agility/adaptability continuum, how to elicit the relaxation response, the power of perception, moving thru Nideffer’s attention model, and the dangers of exhaustion backlash. In reality I cannot think of one thing in this class that I would not/could not use. Thank you, Seth!


I now recognize that multi-tasking is a hindrance to performance.
I really have a better understanding of how the mind affects the body. Having this knowledge will help me to cope with negative self-talk, especially when I have to lead a project and combat nerves.
I plan to use all of the tools I have learned to reduce stress and produce better work. The goal attainment action plan is an awesome way to keep track of the progress I will make to achieve my goals.
I believe everyone should take this class. This class is a must not only to be applied personally, but professionally and for all ages.
The importance of self-awareness, utilizing reflection techniques, and things like the CEPP model and Attention model were useful to me.
This is a very well thought out package of success for any human.


My office is sometimes high in stress with conflicting priorities. All information covered will be beneficial.
This class gives tools for you to apply in work and personal relationships.
Top leadership should be mandatory to take this training!
I will definitely incorporate more rest/recovery techniques such as meditation, pre-sleep routine, and nutrition.
I plan on slowing down and prioritizing what I value the most in my personal/professional life. I think I will be more efficient with this approach.
Outstanding class!

JANUARY 29-31, 2019 – PAX RIVER, MD

So many things to apply from learning how to compose myself and increasing my confidence to managing stress and developing a healthier lifestyle.
Excellent course! Looking forward to becoming a better, more confident and composed person. Best course I’ve taken at Navair!
I will incorporate the techniques learned (rhythmic breathing, meditation, visualization) into my daily life both at work and home. I will improve performance and lower stress significantly.
This course is most beneficial for those who are overwhelmed with their work.
Of all the classes I have taken, this class has the potential to have the greatest and most profound impact on my life.
This class should be required as annual training. Seth is a GREAT instructor.


I plan to use the stress management tools. I also plan on using CEPP with my daughter to help her improve her sports performance.
This training has made me more aware of “below the line” performance and I can also help others to get back ``above the line``.
I would highly recommend the training to civilian & uniform middle management. And I feel it would be a great benefit to high school aged students & parents.
Great teacher! Well spoken, very knowledgable!
Fantastic! Should be mandatory for new hires.
Very good class. I highly recommend for all levels of workforce, especially for young engineers who are often called on to lead, present, and brief technical content.


I would recommend to everyone who will listen. I am going to pass on what I have learned to my kids.
I will use the tools learned to help myself as a leader, parent, husband, friend, and person. The mental game components will be extremely useful in succeeding in all of these areas.
I will take breathing breaks, mini-meditation breaks before meetings. And I will learn to put me first or I won’t be around for very long.
The content is very practical and well-structured. Applicable to all areas of life.
I plan to review this material often as I work through my own goals in my professional and personal life.
Mental Agility and Stress affects everyone on some level. All would definitely benefit from this course!

August 7-9, 2018 – Jacksonville, FL

All domains resonated greatly. The biggest tool I plan to use will be writing down my goals and following the Goal Attainment Action Plan.
Outstanding delivery of this course, Seth!
Everyone can use what is taught in this class - at work, home, and personal.
The breathing and meditation exercises will help me when I become overwhelmed.
I loved the whole class but what I found most interesting and what I knew the least about was Neuroscience.
This Training could be used at workplace and personal life. Love it!

July 31-August 2, 2018 – Lakehurst, NJ

The Energy Recovery segment resonated with me most. It allowed me to see what lifestyle factors can allow me to stay at Peak Performance.
I plan to apply/use the relaxation, meditation, and energy recovery techniques to improve my mental and physical health and well-being. This will translate to better work performance and leadership.
The Instructor was amazing! The stories, videos, handouts, breaking up the class to get involved at key points, and the information he provided was so refreshing and far exceeded my expectation. I wouldn’t change a thing.
Very thorough class consisting of tools/techniques for improving mind-body wellness at work and home life.
The domains of Mental Agility and Stress Management were very helpful and informative.
The class was much different than the usual CL class. It was not skills improvement, it was more personal improvement to improve your overall performance in work and personal life.

JUNE 26-28, 2018 – Pax River, MD

I like the CEPP model. I will be using this model to self-reflect often. I also will be utilizing the breathing techniques.
The continuum graphs were very interesting and showed me where I am as a supervisor and where I can improve myself.
I enjoyed learning the science behind flow-state, being mentally agile by stepping back from emotions to evaluate cognitive aspects, finding a balance in the energy bell curve by taking breaks, drinking water, and eating a well-balanced diet.
The Neuroscience Domain was interesting. I have taken numerous courses on leadership and courses on neuroscience and the brain. I find it intriguing and will continue to study it.
This is a must class for anyone entering into the government and should be mandatory for supervisory positions.
This class was one of the best I’ve taken in my entire 28 year career.

JUNE 12-14, 2018 – China Lake, CA

It gave me many stress management tools and different ways of thinking about things. Also, I like the 1-2-3 on how to prepare for presentations and the simple eating/energy recover ideas.
Using the energy recovery will be helpful not only in my professional setting but also personally. Using the recovery techniques during work hours will help me to focus on the tasks assigned to me, and using them at home will help me to unwind.
It helped validate and remind me of tools to use in all aspects of my life. All this material is good to have in your mental toolbox.
Mental Skill Building and Mental Agility really resonated. The idea of who I am at my best and how I manage myself and others (rigid or flexible).
This course is great information to improve how we think and shows the importance of wellness.
I will definitely recommend this course. This course will help me to manage stress more effectively and to be the best performer I can professionally and personally.

JUNE 5-7, 2018 – Pax River, MD

Peak performance isn’t about “trying harder.” Was surprised that “trying harder” actually hinders performance. Also reinforced that mind/body/emotions/performance are tied together and all must be attended to.
This program has shown me ways to get more done every day by having a better pace to keep peak performance. I think this is some of the best training I have received in my 32 years of Federal Service!
I would communicate that it is an excellent class away for the traditional training to be able to understand and better yourself.
I would stress the great value in awareness, stress management, and tools to aid in personal/professional performance. The instructor is knowledgeable and passionate so it’s easy to learn in that environment.
The number of ideas for improving and maintaining high personal performance are incredible. And the instructor is one of the very best I have had in uniform or out!
Great teacher - passionate about content. Well poised - easy to understand.

May, 2018 – Pax River, MD

Rhythmic breathing, simple meditative technique, and energy recovery were great. All of these will help me focus throughout the day and be more efficient and productive.
I think that everyone from the receptionist to the SES should take this class.
The class does a great job of showing all the linkages between mind and body wellness. It forces you to think about life holistically in order to achieve a healthy and sustainable balance.
The information is presented in a way so that you can see the benefits of maintaining your confidence and composure to keep you in control which helps you as a whole.
Super training - I wasn’t sure what to expect but this was so much better. I was dreading sitting in class for 3 days, but it was actually very educational, enjoyable, and the time went quickly.
Outstanding class! Great examples, discussions, extremely relevant, and informative instructor.

April, 2018 – Pax River, MD

This class was recommended to me and I have already informed co-workers to sign up for the course. A lot of people believe that being chronic stressed is a sign of success, but in reality a path towards mind/body destruction!
Great class, great information, energized and informed instructor. All beneficial domains, a lot of valuable and doable tools and tips.
This was not death by powerpoint. I can’t believe how much material you were able to cover with so few slides. The discussions and exercises were helpful and clarifying.
Loved all the videos and verbal examples throughout each of the 6 domains.
I really want to delve deeper into meditation to clear my mind of distractions to relieve stress as well as allow me to focus on workplace tasks.
I wish I learned this a long time ago.

April, 2018 – Jacksonville, FL

As a young supervisor I find myself struggling to handle my stress. Thanks to this course I now have the tools to change that!
The sports-related stories were outstanding. And the combat hospital clip - wow I wish I had seen that years ago when I was a team lead.
The Stress Management section provided the most usable lessons/tips that can be used on a daily basis to help me reduce/manage my stress levels and help in focusing on the task at hand. This in turn will help me be more productive in both my personal and professional life.
I think this class was very effective on a personal level. It allows you to discover ways to enhance and improve yourself.
This is one of the best self-improvement classes I’ve ever had. I would love to see this become a mandatory class for all.
Well taught, well prepared, good and useful material. This will be the first packet I will actually keep (28 years on the job).

February, 2018 – Pax River, MD

The entirety of the Stress Management section was particularly helpful to me because it is the area in which I need the most work.
By far the best non-technical training seminar I have taken in the last 5 years. Everyone should take this training, not only for better job performance, but an overall change in “old school” thinking.
I plan on applying what I learned to enhance workforce performance and personal wellness. I plan to use the SMART criteria to detail more specific goals.
I would recommend this training with this instructor. The examples made everything more visual and realistic. You will learn more about yourself in this training.
Seth was an awesome, enlightening, fun, and well-educated speaker that made this class extremely worthwhile. Would recommend his teachings to everyone.
I believe this is beneficial for all members of leadership.

February, 2018 – Lakehurst, NJ

Things like mental skill building and mental agility aren’t typically taught but are very useful in navigating the work environment.
The Neuroscience was the most interesting because it was new and exciting. I enjoyed the Mental Agility & CEPP and “Path A” info the best because those can be easily applied at work and in life.
This class will help break down pre-conceived notions about how the brain works and how to achieve peak performance.
Best class I’ve ever had here @ Lakehurst.
I plan on addressing sleep issues so my immune system is not suppressed so I get sick less often. I’ll use the simple meditation so that hopefully I can calm down enough to be able to fall asleep.
This was the most beneficial course I’ve taking in my 12+ year career. It helps you develop skills across the work life balance which is important than many may realize.