Testimonials – Team Engagement

June 15 at China Lake, CA

Excellent presenter, exceptional professionalism, well organized and great communication. Used time efficiently and effectively.
Self-view vs. outside-view was very different.
I really enjoyed the class. Learning of the different dynamics of team building/success was very interesting.
One of my favorite classes! Very valuable information.
For a 1-day class I thought this was very comprehensive - hitting on the highlights of all the roles. Also enjoyed the activities - especially the cards. They all related back to the topic.

June 14 at China Lake, CA

I am very impressed that so much value was able to be put into a one-day course. Instructor was amazing. Her ability to articulate kept everyone engaged and focused.
By learning about my own strengths and weaknesses it better serves me to help my team achieve their goals. The exercises were very engaging.
Seriously great course. I really gained a lot.
It helped me to understand my strengths/contributions and how I need to work with Team members with same or opposite Team Roles.
This is one of the training classes that I’ve enjoyed the most. I see how this can definitely help Team members achieve success.

June 13 at China Lake, CA

This class helped me to understand the role of my teammates in my IPT, how we relate or don’t relate to each other, where we should be directing our energy, how to play to each member’s strengths, and what roles need to be added to the team.
It was a great class. I now have a much better understanding on how to build a well-balanced, effective team.
I now have a different perspective on how I see myself and how others view me in a team setting. Enjoyed the exercises which highlighted roles in Belbin.
This helped me to understand how to communicate with other team roles that are opposite of mine.