2-Day Training

In this Decision-Making training, based on research from cognitive psychology, attendees will:

  • be taught the value of their worth
  • learn different negotiating personalities
  • remove psychological barriers to negotiate for what they want
  • gain awareness of their underlying needs, and
  • identify mutual interests for a “win-win” outcome that creates value for all

Men negotiate 58.8% of the time, while women negotiate only 16.7% of the time. Only 12.5 % of women with Masters degrees negotiate their salaries while 51.5 of men do. Women ask for what they want only 3% of the time, while men ask 23% of the time. Women are typically prescribed roles to take care of others before they take care of themselves, and are expected to see things from others’ perspectives. Negotiation is problem solving. Attendees will learn that the goal is not to get a deal; the goal is to get a good deal that benefits their counterparts, team, and organization.

Value Proposition

This workshop is valuable for all aspiring women who want to develop their negotiation skills to be able to advocate for themselves, their jobs, company, community, and families. The focus is primarily on negotiation and team performance.  Attendees will also become aware of the 4 steps to achieving a successful negotiation: Assess, Prepare, Ask, and Package, and how increase the chance of a successful negotiation when a proposal is framed in terms of benefits to their counterparts, team, and organization.

Benefits Include:
  • Enhanced understanding of the correlation between what one gets and one’s goals
  • Inspiration to develop self-confidence to express value to higher-ups
  • Personal empowerment to negotiate for what is reasonable – to reach for opportunities and advance one’s careers to the desired level of potentiality
  • Ability to frame the “Why” and “How,” opposed to the “what”
  • Creating a “Win-Win” situation to seek common ground and get the “Yes!”
  • Enhanced mindful awareness – to be present to receive information to be able to negotiate with empathy and intuitively for self, company, community and family
  • Ability to answer the 3 questions to prepare women to enter a negotiation: Why are you asking? How are you asking? For whom are you asking?