Testimonials – Adaptive Leadership


This class has helped me understand how important it is to adapt my leadership techniques based on situation and to not get stuck with one style of leadership. Understanding the pro's and con's of each will help me apply it at work.
I work in a dysfunctional group where leaders have moved on to other management positions with no pass down and projects not being completed. Using these tools I will get our group functioning together to complete projects.
Excellent instruction by Mr. Kaplan. Thank you very much.
I would recommend to all members. It teaches us the different aspects of leadership and leadership roles and how to cope with problems.
I would recommend this course to my team and those outside of my group in Jacksonville to expedite projects that have slowed down due to the lack of motivation and direction.
Great Instruction and great Instructor. Kept our full attention at all times.


I would communicate that Adaptive Leadership is a good training for everyone, not just those aspiring to fill future roles as supervisor, team lead or project manager.
This class introduces great concepts of self and team management and puts many tools in one’s bag.
Thank you for providing an outstanding learning experience. I’m strongly considering taking the Peak Performance training being offered here at Lakehurst next month!
A very good introduction to Transformational Leadership and takes an integrated, applied approach to enhance both personal and group leadership.
I will apply this knowledge to all groups that I am involved in. I will now have a better understanding of why a particular leader may be using a certain style.
Thank for a great class. Very engaging even in the virtual format. Presentation platform was very stable.


I appreciated the Emotional Intelligence discussion. It helped me to think about my employees (walk a mile in their shoes) and understand what they need, and don't need, in order to reach their maximum potential.
Self-assessment and understanding of my learning and leadership styles will help me apply learned concepts to improve myself and improve communications and empowerment of employees.
I will remember to use my high EI skills as a reminder how to deal with difficult personnel and situations, read emotions and act appropriately.
Excellent class that allows you to interact, learn, and share experiences in a collaborative class environment.
Great class. Outstanding facilitator that engages and provokes you to evaluate and learn valued concepts that you can apply to improve yourself and your work environment.
Seth did a great job presenting this information and I look forward to attending his future classes.


I believe that a large majority of supervisors as well as employees would benefit from this training, as the majority of employees here are prior military and are accustomed to “Traditional” leadership.
I will review the different traits of each leadership style and ensure that I am mindful in how I work with my teammates.
Great class, well conveyed.
I plan on applying the techniques learned from this point forward. First, a personal review of myself, then a planned goal to apply.
I will use the adaptive leadership styles across projects/teams and when interacting with subordinates with various backgrounds and levels of expertise.
I am going to look at the way I lead my team to better improve how we communicate with each other to put all of our goals on the front burner.

MARCH 12-13, 2019 – LAKEHURST, NJ

The emotional intelligence discussion was very helpful in hearing that emotions are ok and natural in the workplace and being able to recognize it is a strength.
I plan to apply for a managerial position in the near future and would like to apply what I learned in class to help with my success as a manager.
I’m a team lead so I’ll be able to use what I learned to help me better understand the members of the team.
I would recommend this training as a way for other people to gain more self-awareness into their own leadership.
Seth Kaplan is a an excellent Instructor really knows this material thoroughly. A real pleasure.
Being an adaptive leaders is essential to success and high performing teams. The course had interesting conversation and many practical/actionable tools.


The class gave me a better awareness of why some people lead the way they do. It allowed me better insight into the type of leader I am and want to be.
New concepts about how to make leadership adaptive and transformational to various people and circumstances.
I learned that importance of applying various leadership styles and when each is useful. One method won’t work all of the time. Different tasks, different people, different time constraints.
I will absolutely integrate learning techniques getting to know each of the employees needs, and how to work with Emotional Intelligence (EI).
Take this class. Very good insights on the psychological aspects of leading.
This is a great program that expands the definition of what it takes to be a good leader and an adaptive leader.