Mike Lynch, MS

Mike works as a Team Engagement Consultant for Corporate Warrior Consulting, tag-teaming trainings with DeeDee for NAVAIR at China Lake, CA and Point Mugu, CA. Mike also works as COO and Director of Project Teams Training for Smartt Strategies.

Mike has been a design engineer and project manager in the nuclear industry for 40 years. He first encountered Belbin Team Roles during the early years of his project management career. “As a PM I was faced with some team dynamics issues, so I decided to use Belbin to help solve the team issues. I had the team carry out a self-perception Belbin test, and I constructed a team map from this information. The results of the analysis and mapping helped me to restructure the team into a positive, well-performing team.”

Mike is British and has worked in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. He graduated from the University of Liverpool with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics and earned a Master of Science in Engineering Project Management from Lancaster University. He is a Chartered Engineer with the Engineering Council in the United Kingdom and a corporate member of the Institute of Electrical Technology.