Neuroscience: Leveraging the Way You Learn to Execute at Your Best

Taking in and processing information for a specific outcome is learning. Hundreds of times a day, at work and at home, we face numerous types of “learning opportunities.” The 21st century lifestyle is fast-paced and ever changing. And, accordingly, so is the cutting-edge brain science of integrated learning.

Two key questions will be addressed and discussed:

  1. What can neuroscience and Learning Styles tell us about behavior and performance?
  2. How do you leverage this understanding to support behaviors and avoid pitfalls so that you can execute at your best?

In the workplace, the role of cognitive diversity, the differences in our thought and problem-solving processes, is rarely considered. At home, it is often overlooked. This training provides an in-depth discussion of learning, behaviors, and the brain, leading to a great awareness of how we learn, process information, and execute behaviors.

Leveraging the Way You Learn to Execute at Your Best

  1. Explore Neuroscience as it relates to learning, working and  performance
  2. Introduction to Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences, Dominance Profiles
  3. Participate in experiential activities and self-evaluative surveys
  4. Connect with others to deepen understanding of cognitive diversity

Value Proposition

This workshop is valuable for any employee who desires the insight to understand how neuroscience and learning styles may affect performance and behavior. Additionally, it may serve as a catalyst to influence more harmonious relationships and recognize the value of cognitive diversity to thrive in the 21st century.