Peak Performance

Jan. 9-12 at China Lake, CA

I believe the incorporation of stress reduction/energy recovery tools will be helpful. The additional awareness granted by my new and improved understanding of focus will also be helpful. I believe everything covered in neuroscience will be helpful in both my personal and professional life.
I will use the meditation, visualization, stress management, and goal setting.
The CEPP and Neuroscience LSI sections really resonated. I like seeing everything “fit” together with the CEPP and the LSI information was extremely valuable because I hadn’t had much previous exposure to it.
I love the goal setting quad-chart and plan to develop one at work w/my team as well as for my personal growth. Academic application of what I learned here is going to serve me SO WELL when I continue w/my bachelors, as well as help me assist my family members understand their learning styles to be more successful at school.
Love the stories and analogies, helps the student to put things into perspective and better understand the material put forth.
I would recommend this training to everyone!! It can really open ones eyes about many aspects of their lives in which they may need to improve. It has already helped me create a happier home environment which in return creates a happier, more productive employee.
I really enjoyed this class and look forward to the next 2 that are being brought to China Lake.

Leadership Development

The tools I learned from each domain will help me to more effectively work with my team and bring my best to the table every time. Learning how I react to situations and how others react will help me place emphasis on those areas that I need to work on to be more effective in my daily life as well as my work.

Participant Feedback

This was a very powerful course, it allowed me to reaffirm and gather tools for my toolkit. It also made me understand that to be an effective leader you need to know when and how to maneuver between the three leadership styles.

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Corporate Warrior pulls you out of the everyday 'box' and provides insight into how I can be an effective leader. I have enjoyed all of my training with Corporate Warrior and look forward to more in the future.

Participant Feedback

I would recommend this training to anyone. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and the organization to perform with excellence always – personal development.

Participant Feedback

The Golden Circle “why” and thinking from the “inside out” was great. The multiple intelligences and how we learn really resonated with me. I can take both of these things back to my team. These will also help with my personal growth.

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It was an amazing experience to be able to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of my Team and also how they perceive me as a Leader. When I better understood what team roles I had on my Team it began to make a lot more sense to me and helped me understand some of the dynamics that I had been experiencing. For example, the fact that less than 10% of my Team are “people-people” was eye opening. This 1.5 days helped me focus much more on what the Team needs from me to be even more successful.

Participant Feedback

Truly an “eye-opener...” It’s all about managing self and understanding others, as opposed to being solely a subject matter/skills expert….

Participant Feedback

As a leader, I now understand not only the what, but the how AND we can use this stuff immediately. We discovered things we could not have known, had we not used Belbin. The Team Map was a real surprise!

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Private Business

Seth’s background is in coaching/training high performing athletes & Special Forces troops. Who wouldn’t want to perform like those folks? Seth’s work is around helping the rest of us ordinary humans to amp up our output, without stressing ourselves crazy. In his Vistage programs he shares excellent techniques, which, if followed, will make us all more successful in our personal & business lives.

John F Adams III | 
Vistage Chair

I worked with Corporate Warrior for several weeks on organizational processes, stress reduction, and visualization. It was great information that I was able to put to use immediately and start reaping the rewards both personally and professionally. I highly recommend their program to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level. Thank you CWC!

Dr. Mark Jensen
 | Corrective Chiropractic

Seth is by far the best speaker I have experienced with Vistage. He is the first and only Vistage speaker focused on the behavioral domain after whose presentation I felt more confident, more enabled to address weaknesses and validates in my strengths. In other words, I came away feeling like a winner rather than feeling like a shmuck.

Vistage Member