Peak Performance

In today’s competitive environment companies and individuals are under increasing pressure to deliver more with less, thrive under pressure, and generate first-rate results. To achieve all of this requires resilience and a superior “mental game.”

Utilized by professional athletes, coaches, teams, soldiers, businesses, and federal government, the CWC Peak Performance Program maximizes abilities and delivers elite results. Very few businesses and organizations receive Performance Education or understand that it can be learned, developed and strengthened to “train up” skills that lead to elite execution.

Based on research in the fields of Neuroscience, Mental Conditioning, Human Performance, and Mind-Body Wellness, the 3-day Peak Performance Program provides tools, techniques and strategies to enhance efficiency and productivity, manage stress and decision-making, and most importantly, to take individual and team performance to the next level.

This is the caliber of training I imagine that Fortune 500 companies provide their employees. I am in shock that our leadership invested in this type of training for federal employees. I am amazed and gratified.
This training was fantastic. Now I am armed with the ability to consciously summon the tools and techniques for consistent peak performance.

7 Domains of Peak Performance:

  1. Mental Skill Building

  2. Mental Agility (Cognitive-Emotion-Physiology-Performance relationship)

  3. Stress Management

  4. Energy Management (5-point plan)

  5. Goal Setting (Goal Attainment Action Plan)

  6. Neuroscience

  7. Team Engagement

Benefits for participants:

  • Enhanced confidence and trust in abilities

  • Improved focus and attention for efficiency and productivity

  • Effective stress management techniques

  • Improved mind-body wellness

  • Optimal work-life balance

  • Greater personal and team resiliency